Aston Martin DBX Has Been Recalled For A Stupid Reason

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Something this minor should never slip through the cracks.

Aston Martin's new CEO has vowed to make big changes at the British automaker, and after ditching Le Mans to focus on Formula One, we're inclined to believe the man. However, he still has to fix some of the problems that arose during his predecessor's time. Although we're sure he has his hands full already, the brand is facing a minor PR nightmare for a recall on its new SUV, the DBX. If you own one, don't worry too much - it's nothing major. It seems that those at the assembly plant forgot to install foam blocks in the headliner.

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As recalls go, this is not as bad as a recall for airbags, but as the NHTSA has pointed out, the lack of foam blocks in the headliner could still be an injury risk in the event of a crash. Of course, if your head is resting against the ceiling of your luxury super SUV following a crash, you likely aren't going to be feeling too good in any case, but that little bit of cushioning could still save your life. Fortunately, Aston Martin estimates that only 151 units are affected, and as expected, dealers will be able to sort this out without much downtime.

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Affected vehicles were those built from March 5 to October 22, 2020. If you have one of these vehicles and haven't yet heard from Aston Martin, there's no reason to panic just yet. The recall is only expected to begin on January 31. But if you do want to get a jump on your repair, you can contact Aston Martin or the NHTSA directly to make arrangements. With Mercedes now owning a 20 percent share of the British automaker, Aston will get the help it desperately needs to accelerate its electric plans. We assume that a byproduct of this partnership will also be improved quality.

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