Aston Martin DBX Will Look Drastically Different To The DB11 And Vantage

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Riding on a bespoke platform has given Aston Martin the freedom to create a unique design for its upcoming crossover.

The new Aston Martin Vantage has been attracting a lot of attention this week thanks to its voluptuous looks. Aston Martin has been accused of producing cars that look all-too similar in the past, but the design of the 2018 Vantage looks drastically different to anything else the automaker has ever made. That's a tradition Aston Martin will continue with its next new models such as the upcoming DBX, as the automaker prepares to unleash its first ever crossover.

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Speaking to Car and Driver, Aston Martin vice president and chief creative officer Marek Reichman confirmed that the DBX will ride on a bespoke platform. Unlike some of its competitors like Bentley and Porsche, it won't be based on the foundation of an existing model. Aston Martin thinks the unique design and performance of the DBX will help differentiate the Aston Martin DBX from the new wave of super SUV rivals like the Urus that share obvious similarities with existing models. Reichman also couldn't resist a sly dig at his competitors. "It's our platform, therefore it's our proportion. So it's not an Audi Q7 with a Bentley face, it's not a Volkswagen with a Porsche face."

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I know it [the Cayenne] came out as a Porsche but it started as a VW," he told CarAdvice. "It's our architecture, so every millimetre is determined where I want it, where it's right for vehicle architecture to make it drive, ride and handle beautifully, and have a brilliant internal package." While the DBX will look unlike any other Aston Martin, it will still retain the automaker's unique character and identity, with a sporty appearance to compete with the Porsche Cayenne. Aston Martin has also applied this philosophy to the Valkyrie hypercar being co-developed with Red Bull when adapting its design language . "You can now see the spread of character," he said.

Imagine from DB11 all the way to Valkyrie, because Valkyrie looks like an Aston Martin but it doesn't look like any other Aston Martin that has ever been. So that's the breadth we know we can go to, that was the beauty of Valkyrie, it showed us how far we can stretch the DNA." Aston Martin is planning add seven all-new models to its line-up within the next seven years, each adopting a distinctive appearance as part of its second-century plan. The DBX go on sale in late 2019 or early 2020.

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