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Aston Martin Developing New Turbocharged V6 To Prove Its Engine Mastery

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You can't rely on others like Mercedes-AMG forever.

A few days ago, Aston Martin revealed a simple yet interesting sketch of its planned third mid-engined hypercar, currently codenamed "Project 003". Like the upcoming Valkyrie, it will be co-developed with the Red Bull Formula One team. Details are thin at the moment, but the automaker did claim the hypercar will be built around a lightweight structure and powered by a turbocharged gasoline-electric hybrid engine. No power figures were given, nor the number of engine cylinders. Until now, that is.

Auto Express recently chatted with Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer about a number of topics, among them Project 003.

Asked specifically about the car's engineering strategy, Palmer revealed there are similarities between it and the Valkyrie, even though the latter will come powered by a naturally aspirated V12. "Yes there are similarities, starting with the engine – it's a V6," Palmer said. "In the 003 it's a turbocharged V6. There will be hybrid power in there, but very much tuned from a KERS perspective than a normal hybridization perspective – think of it as raced tuned."

A turbocharged V6 connected to a hybrid system will provide all sorts of awesome, such as a high output figure, though Palmer refused to discuss specific numbers.

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"Obviously it's a new engine, designed by Aston Martin, so we're demonstrating that in the V12 arena we have mastery, so V12 and V6 is obviously closely related." There have also been some rumors swirling around that Project 003 is none other than the previously announced mid-engined Ferrari 488 fighter. It's certainly possible but, again, Aston Martin isn't divulging any details at this time.

We do know Project 003 will be fully street legal and will offer drivers "outstanding levels of downforce" and provide "next-level precision, control, and driver connection." The automaker also says Project 003 will be a practical hypercar, meaning, for example, sufficient luggage space. Given everything, it sure does sound like Project 003 and that mid-engined 488 competitor are one and the same.