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Aston Martin Figured Out Who's Causing SUV Sales Explosion

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The upcoming DBX was designed specifically for them.

There's no doubt about it: SUVs and crossovers are wildly popular these days and this trend isn't likely to stop anytime soon. Traditional sedans and even some coupes have paid the price for the crossover's rise, for better or worse. Automakers have since responded in kind, and Aston Martin will soon be added to the list when its DBX SUV debuts later this year. But what continues to cause the SUV and crossover boom? Perhaps the better question might be "who is causing it?" Australia's Motoring.au recently spoke with Aston Martin's global marketing boss, Simon Sproule, who stated something many of us industry watchers long suspected: woman are the main influence behind a worldwide SUV sales explosion.

"They want to feel safe, they want to be protected, they want to be able to see ahead. The SUV class of cars has attributes that correlate more strongly with what women want. SUVs are attractive to both sexes but there is a closer correlation between what women look for in a car and an SUV or crossover type of vehicle."

Men, often times, like SUVs for their proven off-road capabilities and "tough guy" factor. But women apparently like SUVs for other, more practical reasons. SUVs have also become far less Spartan in recent years, thanks to the rise of the crossover, a factor Sproule feels is particularly appealing to women. "I think what changed the SUV market and gave it much broader global appeal was the creation of the so-called crossover, which softened the extremes of truck-based SUVs and transitioned to unibody platforms which rode and handled more like a conventional car."

There's also another huge reason why automakers are racing to pump out more SUV crossovers: "Eighty percent of car sales in the world are decided by women. It logically follows that their vehicle preferences will have a substantial impact on the market," said Sproule. "The industry knows it and they just have to get over it."

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In fact, Aston Martin was so dedicated to designing an SUV that fits the needs of women equally so as for men, it was codenamed 'Charlotte.' "We used Charlotte as a proxy for this segment but it did not lead us to create a car for women but rather a car that would fulfill the needs of customers like Charlotte," he said. "Our primary objective was to create another beautiful looking Aston Martin that had the attributes needed to be successful in the luxury market, regardless of gender."