Aston Martin Furniture is the Coolest Kind of Couture

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Aston Martin creates furniture for your office sure to create some Aston envy.

You know the Aston Martin DB9 and the Vantage, but do you know the office desk? Or the Aston-inspired leather chairs or lights? British automaker Aston Martin has released a line of office furniture designed to make your office as stylish as, possibly, your supercar. It isn't a new thing for luxury automakers to also create fashion lines or gear, including watches and strollers, but this new line of furniture is one of the more impressive things we have seen of late.

The lineup includes an armchair, PKU29 drawer cabinet, PKU08 drawer cabinet and PKU04 aluminum desk. Each has been designer with a distinct Aston Martin flair and badges, giving each an authentic and more stylish look. The Aston Martin desk features a push-button mechanism to open and close the drawers. The leather chairs also give off a very strong and fast look. Check them all out in the pictures below.

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