Aston Martin Has No Intention Of Ditching The Manual

Unlike, say, Ferrari.

Look at the Aston Martin DB10. You’ll soon get an even better look at it when the new James Bond movie, "Spectre" premieres in the coming days. Although that gorgeous DB10 won’t see production, it does offer an excellent preview of what’s to come from the UK carmaker, both design and technology wise. Now, we know that turbocharging is taking the place of NA engines (right, Ferrari?) as well as fast-shifting dual clutches in favor of manual gearboxes (again, Ferrari). We expect that Aston Martin-AMG engine collaboration to produce twin-turbo V8s.

But Aston Martin’s chief designer, Marek Reichmann, just confirmed to Jay Leno that his company has no intention of giving up the manual. To prove this point, the DB10 itself requires Bond to row his own gears. Check out Jay Leno's exclusive DB10 test drive (sans air conditioning).

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