Aston Martin Has No Intention Of Doing Sub-$100k Models

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Because it refuses to sell out.

Years ago, Porsche realized that in order to generate volume sales it had to do a few things, such as a cheaper model as well as an SUV and sedan. That cheaper model became the Boxster, which today starts at about $50,000. The cheapest Aston Martin, by contrast, is the V8 Vantage, basing at nearly $115k. And like Porsche once was, AM is in desperate need of greater profits, i.e. new models. So the question is whether or not AM will go down market with a Boxster-like model of its own to stir up sales.

The answer is "no, not at this stage," according to Julian Jenkins, president of Aston Martin the Americas. In a recent talk with AutoGuide, Jenkins made clear that the UK-based carmaker wants to maintain exclusivity as opposed to chasing after sales at the bottom end of the market. For example, Jenkins feels that "the Lagonda as a brand would be an interesting opportunity." However, the company will without question focus on sports cars. "That's where we came from and that's our niche," Jenkins confirmed. An SUV? Don't count on it. The collaboration with Mercedes-Benz is about to kick off which will see new AMs featuring the former's transmissions, electrical systems and V8 engines.

So what's next for AM? China. "The big thing for us there is that the sports-car culture doesn't exist yet. It will, I'm sure," summarized Jenkins. But despite everything, AM will remain exclusive; a Boxster figher in both size and price is not going to happen anytime soon, if ever.

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