Aston Martin Has Set The Mannequin Challenge Bar Seriously High

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Who would have thought?

If you live online like some of us do, you'll have no doubt heard of the latest "viral sensation" doing the rounds on various social media networks: the mannequin challenge. If you actually have a life that sees you venturing away from PC monitors, the mannequin challenge started a little over a month back and it involves a bunch of people standing still (like mannequins) while a single camera operator navigates around and in between them. Like all viral challenges there are some lame attempts and some really good ones.

Oddly, one of the best seen to date comes from British automaker Aston Martin, and of course to car guys this is now the best one ever made.

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What you see different in this video over the rest is the quality. This is a top-notch production. Clearly someone in the Aston Martin marketing department loved the idea of putting together a mannequin challenge video and signed off on a proper production team. The other difference is the soundtrack. Most of the other videos feature the track "Black Beatles" by American rap duo Rae Sremmurd, but Aston Martin went a different route, which we're guessing is to avoid paying royalty fees. There have been other cool car-related videos involved in this challenge, but so far Aston Martin is the first automaker to enter the fray. We're hoping others follow suit, but they'll have to work hard to match this one.

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