Aston Martin is Not For Sale

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Aston will gladly sell you one of its luxury GTs, but the company itself is not up for grabs, according to CEO Ulrich Bez.

Making your way in the world today, to borrow a line from the Cheers! theme song, takes everything you got. Especially if you're an independent sportscar manufacturer. Companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini enjoy the backing of major global automakers to support their R&D efforts, amortize costs and offset carbon-footprint legislation, but Aston Martin is out their all on its own. That ain't easy in a rapidly conglomerating auto industry, but it doesn't mean that Aston Martin is for sale.

This according to the company's CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez in speaking with Autocar magazine. While Bez couldn't rule out the prospect several years down the road, he said that he's turned down numerous offers and that the company's financial backers (including racing consultant David Richards, American investment banker John Singers and Kuwaiti venture capitalists Investment Dar and Adeem Investment) aren't interested in cashing out. What the company is looking to do, however, is revitalize and expand its product portfolio. Aston recently launched a new Vanquish and an updated DB9 and has a revised Rapide model on its way.

It also branched out into premium city cars with the Cygnet, and is still working on relaunching the Lagonda brand with a new luxury crossover. Whether that will prove enough, however, to get Aston through a difficult market situation on its own remains to be seen.

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