Aston Martin Is Still Taking Deposits For Valhalla

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Still, dodgy dealerships are trying to make a quick buck.

Originally codenamed the AM RB 003, the Aston Martin Valhalla is an upcoming supercar that will slot below the $3 million Valkyrie but above the long-delayed mid-engined Vanquish.

The Valhalla was initially expected to use an in-house V6 hybrid powertrain but will dump that setup in favor of a bespoke mid-mounted plug-in hybrid system using the general architecture from an unnamed AMG Black Series product. The only Black Series AMG currently on sale is the AMG GT Black, and even if Aston Martin borrowed it unchanged, the car is off to a great start.

The Black department knows how to build a racecar for the road, dating back all the way to the CLK 63 Black Series.

Aston Martin Aston Martin Aston Martin

Only 999 examples will be built at an expected retail price of $850,000. That's a steep price compared to the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, which starts at about $511,000. Not that it matters, for several reasons.

Firstly, comparing cars like these against each other makes no sense. If you have enough money to spend $850k (or $511k for that matter) on a vehicle, you don't buy something instead of something else. You buy cars in addition to whatever you already have in the garage.

Secondly, the limited production run almost guarantees this car will be an investment. We hate to think of cars as investments, but it's nice to know you can splurge on something that will never lose value. The Porshe 918 cost similar money when it was new and had a similar production run. Look at what those cars are going for these days...

Aston Martin

Finally, there's the brand. Aston Martin recently revamped itself for the younger generation, but to those who know, it will always be a builder of big, elegant British brutes.

Still, it's not immune to car flippers, which is why we were intrigued by a listing we came across recently. A dealership that shall remain unnamed as we do not wish to give it more exposure is charging six figures for a building slot. We found this odd since the Valhalla has not sold out yet.

CarBuzz reached out to Aston Martin for comment, and the company doesn't believe this is a real listing. "This website doesn't appear to be affiliated with an Aston Martin dealer, so it's tough to understand if it's legit, but I doubt it. It looks like the dealer is based in Stuttgart, and we already have a dealer there," an Aston spokesperson told us.

Aston Martin

"We are actively taking deposits on Valhalla, and allocation spots are still available through legitimate Aston Martin dealers. A customer anywhere in the world is welcome to visit their local store and place a deposit. Volume is limited to 999 units, but there are still spots available," he added.

The most likely scenario is that whoever posted the listing already paid for a building slot and is trying to capitalize on the car's future value by selling said building spot at a hefty premium. Is the Valhalla worth $1.2 million? Not right now, but it most certainly will be in the future. Luckily, as Aston said, some spots are still open, so why bother going through a third party?

Valhalla production will start next year in 2023, with owners receiving their cars in 2024.

Aston Martin Aston Martin Aston Martin Aston Martin

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