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Aston Martin Just Raised $307 Million To Bring You The DBX

That's a lot of money to build a crossover people may not want.

Remember the Aston Martin DBX concept that debuted at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show? You know, the all-electric crossover. Aston Martin recently confirmed that the DBX would see production and now that news is official. The company announced it raised $307 million to fund the crossover’s creation and other projects. It did this by selling preferred shares to two private equity firms. The money is needed as there are many projects planned for the future.

In addition to the DBX, there’s the new DB11 set to launch as well as two new four-door models that are planned. Automakers raise money all the time, and Aston Martin’s latest fundraising round is just another reminder of how damn expensive developing and building cars can be.

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