Aston Martin Just Trademarked An Insanely Cool Name

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Only we don't think it's for a specific car but rather...

We know that Aston Martin's new CEO, Andy Palmer, is working on some big turnaround plans. In the next year or so we should see the arrival of the DB9 replacement, set to be called the DB11 as well as an eventual EV. But we're also willing to bet a new hypercar, like a One-77 successor, is in the works. According to a report coming from AutoGuide, the British carmaker has just trademarked the name Aeroblade, which will be used for "passenger cars and racing cars and parts and fittings thereof".

Aston Martin

Now, that doesn't sound like it'll be the name for a new model, but perhaps a specific part. For example, take a look at that massive rear wing on the track-focused Vulcan. Judging by the way it looks there's clearly technology behind it, meaning it's not just for show. So it'd make complete sense for AM to want to incorporate it in an upcoming model. Question is, which one? A production version of the Vulcan? The DB11? Or something else entirely we don't know about just yet? Hopefully we'll be getting some answers as we get closer to Geneva this March.

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