Aston Martin Lagonda is Coming Back this Summer

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Let the countdown begin.

Last month, word came in that Aston Martin was on the verge of releasing a new model bearing one of its famous nameplates, the Lagonda. The last time the UK automaker sold a Lagonda was back in 1990, and let's just say it wasn't too well received. UK publication Car has just revealed more specific details of AM's hopefully much more successful next attempt. For starters, the new Lagonda will be a four-door sedan and not an SUV.

Back in 2009, AM revealed an SUV Lagonda concept that didn't sit well with both the media and public. The carmaker clearly got the message and went back to the drawing board. More than likely, the new Lagonda is based on the same platform as the Rapide, but we have yet to receive official confirmation on this. Car Magazine claims the sedan's power will come from the familiar 5.9-liter V12 paired to an improved eight-speed automatic gearbox. Production will be extremely limited, likely to just around 100 examples. If all goes to plan, AM will likely unveil the Lagonda sometime this summer. We'll have complete details the moment they're released.

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