Aston Martin Lost About $10k on Every Car Sold

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Fortunately there's a plan in place to correct this.

Aston Martin has been having some financial difficulties as of late. Basically, it's been losing money on every car sold. How much exactly? According to recent reports, AM reported a $41 million loss for 2013. Do the math and that's about a $10,000 loss on every car that finds an owner. Amazingly enough, that's actually a 12.6 percent improvement over 2012. A total of 4,200 units were sold in 2013 while the prior year saw only 3,800 sold. AM realized it was in trouble a couple of years ago and it began to set things in motion for a turnaround.

One major example is its technical partnership with Mercedes-AMG. Without that, AM wouldn't have the necessary funds for its next-generation engine development. Another hurdle, as we previously reported, are new American crash test standards. The DB9 and Vantage will soon no longer meet those regulations, specifically involving side-impact crash tests. To help minimize the sales damage, AM has requested an exemption to the new standard but a decision has yet to be made. The good news here is that AM's new CEO, former Nissan product chief Andy Palmer, knows a thing or two about running a car company. He claims the UK carmaker will be profitable again by 2016. Here's hoping.

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