Aston Martin Makes Some English Noise at Dubai Parade

It gets kinda hard to stand out in a place where the cops drive Lambos.

When Dubai puts on the Grand Parade, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Even in a red Vanquish or orange Vantage, it isn’t easy to draw people’s attention- what with all those Bugattis and Ferraris stealing your thunder. Hell, even the cops are driving Avantadors. But let’s not forget what we’re talking about here. Aston Martin’s incredible cars - multitudes and generations of them - are showcased in this focus video from the parade, and they look pretty damn good, regardless of their surroundings.

Check out the Vanquish Volante, DBSs, V8s and DB9s, One-77 and a bunch more as they hit the streets of Dubai and make their own splash.

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