Aston Martin May Be Ditching Big V12s For Batteries Sooner Than Later

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Will people still buy James Bond's favorite car if it's electric?

These days, no automaker is safe from the increasingly tight restrictions on emissions. This includes Aston Martin, a company famous for large, rumbly V12s. Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer once said that the company would focus on creating electric cars in order to be able to avoid downsizing, but now it seems that Palmer has other ideas. In a recent interview, Palmer predicted that the cars of the future will all be powered by electric motors, and that includes Aston Martins. So, why the change of heart?

Aston Martin

Palmer says that electricity is the only alternative to gas that provides the power, range, and convenience that customers demand. The company is developing an electric version of its Rapide sedan that will have 800 to 1,000 horsepower, and it may share its powertrain with the upcoming DBX. The electric Rapide will cost around $200,000 and the DBX should be priced similarly. The electric versions of the Rapide and DBX could compete with Tesla offerings, but Palmer said that his company is a more upscale brand. He claims that Aston Martin will not move down market to produce something "vanilla and in the middle" like Tesla's Model 3. The move makes sense but we will miss the song V12 Aston Martins sing.

Aston Martin
Aston Martin
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