Aston Martin Might Be Up To Something Awesome Because Of Its Latest Trademark Filing

And is Zagato involved?

We need to be clear on something: Just because an automaker trademarks a name doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll actually apply it to a production car. Sometimes automakers simply trademark a name so that competitors can’t use it for any number of reasons. That said, Aston Martin has just filed an application for the "DBZ" trademark in Europe, according to a report from AutoGuide. Why is this relevant? Because only a few weeks ago the UK carmaker revealed its Vanquish Zagato concept.

It looks and sounds breathtaking, and AM and Zagato have a long history of doing joint projects. Could the "Z" in "DBZ" stand for Zagato in this case? It’s certainly possible and the thought of a production-spec, Italian reskinned Vanquish sounds just fine to us. As with any similar situation, Aston Martin won’t comment in regards to any future product, but this wouldn’t be the first time an Aston Martin-Zagato road car was built. Back in 2013, for example, the V12 Zagato, based on the Vantage, was revealed. Production was obviously limited, but we don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be time for yet another British-Italian collaboration.

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