Aston Martin Named UK's Coolest Brand

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Aston Martin has an image of coolness that other brands just can't compete with.

Anyone who has so much as heard of Top Gear knows that the British carbuying public considers Aston Martin to be a highly desirable brand. The brand was the first to produce a car which required the creation of a whole new level of cool, a level which the DB9 still has to itself. So the fact that the CoolBrands Council, an offshoot of The Centre for Brand Analysis, has named Aston Martin the coolest brand in the UK wasn't a huge surprise.

It is worth repeating, they have not named Aston as the coolest automaker, but as the coolest brand out of everyone who makes anything. This is actually the fifth time in six years that Aston has received the award, beating out such achingly hip brands as Apple and Bang & Olufsen. The endorsement from both Top Gear and James Bond probably didn't hurt, and it wouldn't be surprising if Aston stays on top a bit longer.

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