Aston Martin On Ice Winter Driving School Returning Next Year For More Cold and Sideways Driving

Sounds like fun, even if it is a kind of a stupid name.

Winter driving schools have become all the rage with exotic car manufacturers. It’s hard to say why this sudden boom happened exactly, but we won’t complain, it’s an awesome idea. Aston Martin’s school in the US is called Aston Martin On Ice, and it is held in (where else?) Colorado, specifically Crested Butte. 2014 was the first year for the winter driving school, but Aston Martin has just announced a return for February 2015.

The school includes a braking/cornering loop, slalom, skid pad and full snow circuit, which “are all precisely tailored to Aston Martin’s exacting requirements and are meticulously built and maintained by the brand’s team of experts before and throughout the ice driving activity, which will take place over two three-day sessions in February next year.” The driving surfaces apparently cover 10 acres and required 250 man-hours to build. Next year’s facilities will be the same.

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