Aston Martin One-77 by Q

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Gaydon's million-dollar supercar gets even more exclusive, as this video shot in Dubai reveals.

With just 77 examples made available worldwide, it doesn't get much more exclusive than the Aston Martin One-77. That, you see, is where the Q division comes in. No, not the branch of MI6 that supplies James Bond with all his gadgets, but not far off, either. It's a part of Aston Martin that outfits the company's super GTs to customers' exact specifications. We'd never heard of the Q division getting its hands on the One-77, special as it is already, but YouTube vlogger Patrick3331 caught just such a vehicle at a showroom in Dubai.

Unfortunately we have little to go on in the way of details regarding what Q has done to this One-77, but it appears to have different wheels, some questionable red body accents, a very discreet Q by Aston Martin badge on the side, just behind the door and ahead of the enormously fared rear fender and a red leather interior.

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Patrick3331 (whose accent sounds as Irish as his name does) reports that this is one of only 7 such Q-prepared One-77s made, and is for sale at 11 million UAE dirhams, or about $3 million in American greenbacks.

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