Aston Martin Owner Says Tobias Moers Isn't Going Anywhere

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He's offended that you ever thought as much.

Aston Martin Lagonda Chairman Lawrence Stroll has declared that there are no plans whatsoever to replace Tobias Moers as the company's CEO. This response is provided after a series of reports that suggested that the German executive's time at the company was coming to an end. There were even suggestions of a high-ranking Ford member being approached for the prestigious role.

Rumors began after the company confirmed that it would miss its 2021 sales targets by $20 million, which was partially blamed on the Aston Martin Valkyrie's production delays. Te of these cars were expected to be shipped to owners but, for several reasons, the brand was not able to meet its deadline.

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Speaking to Autocar at the brand's Formula One car unveiling, Stroll confirms]ed that he and Aston Martin are "absolutely not engaged" in trying to find a new CEO and that the former head of AMG will remain in the top job. Regarding the rumors, Stroll says, "I have no idea where that comes from. Tobias is doing a great job. He's staying here. He's the perfect partner for me."

Now that Aston Martin has appointed Marco Mattiacci as the head of its Global Chief Brand and Commercial Officer, there is an expectancy that the company's progress will strengthen throughout 2022. This employment comes after key members of the brand, such as the head of its special vehicles David King, chassis developer Matt Becker, bespoke Q division leader Simon Lane, and chief marketing officer Peter Freedman jumped ship shortly after Moers was hired as CEO.

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Stroll adds, "I need a partner who is really a CTO, which is Tobias. He's the only CEO" and admits that Moers "ruffled a lot of feathers when he came in". He makes it somewhat apparent that the reason for these departures is because, "When a new management or ownership team comes in, you get transition. There's a lot of people who didn't want to step up to the level we wanted them to step up, and found it easier to leave."

Making it clear that there are no plans to replace Moers, he adds, "I never looked for a replacement for Tobias. I know it comes from those murmurings of disgruntled employees saying something." He also assures everyone that while there have been close to 40 resignations, the company has hired 300 new employees of which 176 are senior engineers.

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Stroll adds that there were senior members at Aston Martin who clashed with Moers but defends this by explaining that "he's German and he's hard," which is exactly what the then failing company needed. Stroll injected a $657-million investment into the brand in February 2022 before taking his current role two months after that.

He ends, "He's not going anywhere unless he wants to leave me, which he hasn't told me. We have a great relationship and I was very sorry that lie was out there because I thought it was hurtful for Tobias. It put confusion in the company, which I didn't need."

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