Aston Martin Q Builds Eye-Catching DB9 Volante in Two-Tone Blue and Morning Frost


Not that they see much morning frost where this is headed.

It might be true that Aston Martin's decision to name their personalization department "Q" was a bit gimmicky, and a pretty shameless bid to wring a bit more out of the connection to James Bond. But we can forgive them for a couple of very important reasons. The first is that no exotic carmaker really seems to have a great name for such a department, and the other is that they do produce some great cars.

The DB9 Volante that you see here was commissioned by an Aston Martin dealership in Dallas, and was sufficiently unique that AM saw fit to take a few publicity photos before loading it up for the trip across the pond. The paint is called Morning Frost, and it is offset by a number of blue accents. Most of these accents are in the interior, including the entire steering wheel. Much of the car's carbon fiber is also tinted blue, including the front splitter and the mirrors. And although it's down in all but one of the pictures (where you can't see much of it), the roof is also done in the same shade of blue.

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