Aston Martin Racer Was The Original James Bond

British racing legend helped changed the course of WWII.

Aston Martin aficionados will know John “Jock” Horsfall as the eccentric British pre-war racer who piloted a custom Aston to various victories. But he was also a war hero. Putting his driving skills to good use during World War II, Horsfall joined Britain’s secret service agency MI5. There he was tasked with various missions, one of which was codenamed Operation Mincemeat. The plan was to put fake documents into the hands of Nazi high command outlining a fake Allied invasion of Greece, when the real target was Sardinia.

Horsfall's part in the mission involved delivering a frozen corpse from London to a submarine base in Scotland making the 400-mile journey in the dead of night. To hear how the mission played out and the impact it had on ending WWII early, check out XCar's latest video involving a tasty Vanquish Volante.

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