Aston Martin Rapide S Shooting Brake Rendered

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Aston Martin's popular Rapide S four-door coupe has been reimagined as a shooting brake in the eyes of a popular automotive rendering artist.

It's only been a few days since Aston Martin unveiled its facelifted 2014 Rapide, now called the Rapide S. The beautiful four-door has been given more power while remaining as stylish as ever. But the always talented "automotive manipulator" himself, Theophilus Chin, has just released his rendering of what the updated Rapide S could look like as a shooting brake. The overall design is quite natural, while at the same time maintains Aston's elegant and sporty style.

We're still used to the Rapide's four-door coupe styling, but if Aston Martin ever decided to extend the rear end and give the car some space out back, then we'd have no objections - as long as it resembled this rendering at the very least.

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