Aston Martin Really Wants New Models

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A new SUV is coming along with a Vantage replacement. But what else does Aston Martin have in mind?

The Aston Martin-Mercedes-AMG partnership, for the moment at least, is mainly a technical alliance. AM needs a new lineup of next-generation V8s and Mercedes has got them. Basically, building all-new engines from scratch is insanely expensive and AM simply doesn't have the cash to make that happen. Mercedes, in return, is receiving a financial stake in the UK sports car maker. But AM doesn't just want to be known as a sports car brand – it also wants an SUV. Big time.

And there could be even more new product on its way. According to a new report, AM is prepping for "a new model blitz" after successfully raising £165 million (roughly $272 million USD) in funding. Although it hasn't officially been confirmed, a production version of the Lagonda SUV concept is very likely at the top of the wish list. We previously reported that it could very well end up being based on the Mercedes GL. But what else does AM have in mind to build? Surely it won't be another useless city car like the now discontinued Cygnet. In all likelihood, AM is securing funding to also develop and build the replacement for the aging Vantage. Other new possible models are still a mystery.

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