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Aston Martin Receives Badly Needed Cash Infusion For New Models

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And the money isn't coming from Daimler.

In case you haven’t noticed, Aston Martin has been working with the same platforms and engines for quite some time. As its competitors advanced their lineups with modern tech, AM has been left behind because it didn’t have the money to invest in a complete overhaul. Yes, the already announced partnership with Daimler that’ll provide AM with AMG engines in exchange for a five percent stake was a great start, but it’s still not enough. Fortunately, the UK carmaker’s main financial backer has stepped up to the plate again.

Private equity firm Investindustrial S.p.A., which bought a 37.5 percent stake in 2012, has just announced it’ll invest fresh cash so that AM can completely revamp its lineup. "Aston has an industrial plan which is growing in its ambitions and we have always planned to participate in all funding needs that Aston has," stated Investindustrial chairman Andrea Bonomi. Basically, if AM needs the money, it’s there. The company hasn’t yet confirmed whether it’ll use the available cash but in all likelihood it has no choice.

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