Aston Martin Returns To Formula One With Updated Logo

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Say hello to the brand's new F1 car, and a new corporate identity.

Aston Martin may have given up on Le Mans, but its history in Formula One is just as colorful and glamorous. Speaking of colors, Aston Martin showed us a teaser of its new livery with a classic green coloring earlier this year, but it turns out that the luxury automaker was hiding more than just its new racecar. At the launch of the new F1 car - dubbed the AMR21 - Aston also revealed its new brand logo. This is only the 12th time in the company's 108-year history that the logo has evolved, but don't worry if you can't spot the difference - it's only a little simpler than before, as is the current trend.

Aston Martin Aston Martin Aston Martin Aston Martin

The just-revealed Formula One car is certainly not simple, however. 61 years after the brand left F1, it returns with a Mercedes-AMG-sourced engine for its racer. This engine is called the Mercedes-AMG F1 M12 E Performance, and like all others on the grid, is turbocharged and assisted by hybrid energy recovery. Aston Martin's Cognizant Formula One car, as it's being called, was designed and built in-house by the same 500 people who conceive, manufacture, build, and prepare Aston's other racing cars. It's a tenuous link, but there's a good possibility that this kind of ground-level association with F1 could translate to better tech in Aston's future road cars too.

Aston Martin Aston Martin Aston Martin Aston Martin

After all, with Merc using genuine F1 tech in its Mercedes-AMG ONE, there's no reason that Aston's road car partnership with Stuttgart couldn't borrow from AMG's advances in the future. Perhaps the Valhalla's eventual successor could be that car, but we're certain that either way, Aston Martin will certainly imply that future models are influenced by its F1 endeavors. Whether that is true or not, hopefully, the F1 car won't be a massive waste of money and will be a bit more reliable than its road cars have been in the past. We really want this to work out, and hopefully, that new logo will be etched into our memory for good reasons. With four-time F1 champion Sebastian Vettel, and Lance Stroll - son of Executive Chairman, Lawrence Stroll - behind the wheel, we're hoping for big things.

Aston Martin Aston Martin Aston Martin Aston Martin Aston Martin Aston Martin

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