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Aston Martin Reveals Mid Engine McLaren Speedtail Rival

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New hypercar will slot below the Valkyrie.

The Valkyrie is destined to become the most insane road-going hypercar Aston Martin has ever built. It won't be a one-off, however, as Aston Martin has previously said the Valkyrie will spawn a new range of "incredible" hypercars built in collaboration with Red Bull. Following the Valkyrie and Valkyrie AMR Pro, Aston Martin has confirmed a third mid-engined hypercar is currently in development. Once again, it's being developed as a joint project with the Red Bull Formula One team.

Known simply as "Project 003," Aston Martin's new unnamed McLaren Speedtail rival will feature technology showcased in the Valkyrie. Aston Martin says Project 003 will be built around a lightweight structure and powered by a turbocharged gasoline-electric hybrid engine, but no power figures have been released yet.

Aston Martin has already hinted it's developing a mid-engine Ferrari 488 rival that could revive the Vanquish name, but it isn't clear if Project 003 is the same car or a separate model. From the way Aston Martin is describing it, the Project 003 sounds like it will be in a different league.

Like the Valkyrie, Project 003 will feature an array of active aerodynamics providing "outstanding levels of downforce in a road-legal car", as well as active suspension systems "providing next-level precision, control, and driver connection." However, Aston Martin is pitching the Project 003 as a more practical hypercar for the road with space for luggage.

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"It was always the intention for the Aston Martin Valkyrie to be a once-in-a lifetime project," said Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer. "However, it was also vital to us that Valkyrie would create a legacy: a direct descendent that would also set new standards within its own area of the hypercar market, creating a bloodline of highly specialised, limited production machines that can exist in parallel with Aston Martin's series production models. I'm thrilled to announce that this car is the Project '003', and our next step into a dynamic and exacting arena."

Production of Aston Martin's Project 003 hypercar will be limited to 500 coupe examples worldwide, meaning it will be less exclusive than the Valkyrie, which is limited to just 175 examples. Customer deliveries will begin in late 2021.