Aston Martin Reveals Slowest Mode Of Transportation EVER

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That's because this "mode of transportation" is just a pair of shoes.

We know that carmakers love to branch out and build things that are completely unrelated to cars. These projects can be extremely cool, but are often far too expensive for the average consumer. For example, the furniture sets from Ferrari and Bentley look great, but are so expensive that they don't even have a list price. Aston Martin is a brand that is obsessed with being fashionable and the company is now taking an even greater plunge into the world of fashion by creating its own luxury sneaker with the help of shoemaker Hogan.

During London's fashion week, Aston Martin and Hogan announced the new shoe, which is called the "Aston Martin x Hogan." The sneaker will be available later this month in four seasonal colors and will be based on Hogan's "Olympia" design. "Collaborating with brands that share our views on quality, style and elegance is important to us," said Marek Reichman, EVP & Chief Creative Officer at Aston Martin. "Working with creative teams outside of the automotive industry helps to broaden our designers' minds, and this is always a positive experience for both myself and my team at Gaydon. We take inspiration from all walks of life and our work with Hogan will help to shape and inspire many aspects of our future creations".

The shoe is made of leather, and paired with nylon for a casual, urban look. The sneaker is supposed to mimic the silhouette of an Aston Martin sports car and includes detailing from Aston Martin's artisan leather craft. As with all things of this nature, the shoes will have a limited production run of 3,000 units so someone out there will probably try to collect them. We don't get why Aston Martin is making such a big fuss about shoes, but as long as the company keeps making awesome sports cars we really don't care. Still, it is funny to see that Aston Martin is making a mode of transportation that is actually slower than the Cygnet.

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