Aston Martin Vantage And DBX Are Back In F1 This Year

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The Vantage and DBX will continue their duties for 12 races of the season.

Aston Martin's involvement in Formula One has been a significant part of its recent restructuring headed by Chairman Lawrence Stroll. The team hasn't been a front-runner of the motorsport with it closing the 2021 season's constructor standings in seventh position, behind more experienced teams such as Mercedes, Red Bull, and Ferrari. Still, it's good to see the iconic brand with a rich motorsport history battling it out in the top tier of motorsport.

We were all excited to see the new AMR22's reveal a few weeks ago. The brand's F1 car for the 2022 season will be driven by four-time champion Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll. These won't be the only Aston Martin vehicles on track, as the manufacturer has now revealed its official Formula One Safety Car range.

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Aston Martin says it is happy to continue sponsoring the sport with examples of its Vantage and DBX models after replacing Mercedes-AMG last year for just a selection of events. These cars are powered by the German company's twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8, so it's not too much of a deviation. The cars will be used in 12 of the 23 races scheduled for 2022 with its first appearance set to take place at the Albert Park race in Melbourne, Australia.

The specially built Vantage and DBX Safety Cars will wear the same Aston Martin Racing Green paint applied to the AMR22. The Vantage will be driven by seasoned safety car driver Bernd Maylander who worked with the company to specifically tune it to his and the FIA's standards. The car used in this role also benefits from research and development from its WEC Vantage GT3 racer.

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Adhering to its track duties, Aston Martin has revamped the Vantage with the inclusion of an FIA safety car livery, radio antennas mounted to the side of the body, an LED rear number plate, and a bespoke roof-mounted LED light-bar that was developed completely by the brand. We're sure there will be a couple of customers requesting that as an official accessory.

Within the cockpit, Maylander and his assistant will have access to the FIA's Marshalling System. This software indicates what warning flags are being shown via a set of lights. Cameras positioned on the inside and out will be used for TV broadcasting purposes.

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The Aston Martin DBX will undertake medical car duties piloted by FIA Medical Rescue Coordinator Dr Ian Roberts. While he will be tasked with ensuring the safety of the drivers, Aston Martin will use his skill behind the wheel to gather data to enhance the dynamics of its road-based products. This is partially how it was able to create the sportier DBX 707 throughout last year's season.

This particular car has been uniquely modified to fulfill its duties as a fast micro-ambulance with a set of fire extinguishers, a defibrillator, and a large medical kit bag. Dr Roberts will be positioned in a racing seat with a six-point safety harness, and the marshalling display used in the Vantage. This one will have TV screens for a constant view of the race track.

Aston Martin Aston Martin Aston Martin Aston Martin

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