Aston Martin's Amazing Creation Will Make You Never Want To Buy An Electric Car

There's no replacement for displacement.

One Direction fans wait all year for the latest album from the boy band to drop, but gearheads have to resort to replaying YouTube videos of their favorite cars over and over again to hear the petrol-powered soundtracks. Fortunately, Aston Martin has caught on to this glaringly large gap in audio preferences and has released a SoundCloud soundtrack to let audiophile gearheads listen to their favorite V8 and V12 soundtracks. The included cars are the V8 Vantage, the V12 Vantage S, the DB9, and the four-door Rapide.

Among the heavyweights in the supercar world, Aston Martin is known more for its sense of style than its cornering and acceleration ability. This translates well to the engines, which seem to be carefully tuned to exude the sexiest of purring noises. There’s a reason that James Bond, the most stylish man alive, uses these cars to fight evil masterminds and pick up supermodels. Now SoundCloud users can listen to Aston engines accelerating, starting up, revving, and driving away to sooth themselves into a deep sleep with supercar-riddled dreams. No mention on whether or not people will blast these sounds through their car speakers to flex with their tuner Civics.

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