Aston Martin's CEO Says A Decision On Building A True Supercar Could Come Soon

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James Bond's old rides are about to look like crap.

Aston Martin is known for making fast cars but, the ultra limited edition One-77 aside, you can't exactly label any of them "super" or "hyper." Yes, the recently released Vulcan is a certifiable supercar but it's track-only and being released in limited numbers. Auto Express recently spoke with Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer about the rumors circulating that the automaker was working with Adrian Newey, the renowned F1 engineer and Lamborghini Gallardo destroyer, to build an all-new supercar.

Palmer indicated that the rumors are grounded in reality but that nothing is for sure at the moment. "There is rarely smoke without fire. I have talked openly about a flagship supercar and a number of studies, including designs, are going on, but the speculation about Adrian Newey does not come from us. Do I like the idea of Adrian Newey doing a road car with Aston? Yes. He is a man with a legacy to leave, but there is no authentic programme with him, yet." Palmer went on to say that an Aston Martin supercar is a long way off, if it ever happens at all. However, he did say that the company hopes to make a decision on such a car by the end of the year.

The Vulcan has proved extremely popular and buyers are already asking if a road-legal version is in the cards. In terms of popular support an Aston Martin supercar is a no-brainer but that doesn't mean it would make sense financially. What do you think? Should Aston Martin build a supercar or should it stay content with its current and upcoming lineup and leave the supercars to video games a la its Vision Gran Turismo concept pictured here.

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