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Aston Martin's Making 28 New DB5s (Complete With Working Bond Gadgets)

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Goldfinger fans rejoice... and start saving $3.5 million

"The most instantly recognisable car of all-time." That's what Aston Martin calls its classic DB5 – and not without reason. It was the car that James Bond drove in seven movies, starting with Goldfinger.

Unfortunately the British automaker produced fewer than 900 of them between 1963 and 1965. So while literally millions of kids grew up playing with the Corgi diecast replica of the Goldfinger-spec DB5, few have been able to get their hands on the real thing now that they've grown up. But Aston has the answer... for a fortunate few, at any rate.

The purveyor of some of the classiest luxury GTs on the market has announced plans to build a further 28 "continuation" examples of the DB5, just as it did recently with the DB4 GT (or like arch-rival Jaguar has with the XKSS, D-Type, and Lightweight E-Type). And they'll come with the working gadgets that Sean Connery had on his in the movie, right down to the revolving number plate.

Aston Martin Works, EON Productions (the studio behind the 007 franchise), and Chris Corbould (the special-effects supervisor on the movies) are collaborating on the project.

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There is, of course, the small matter of the price: Aston will offer 25 examples for "public" consumption, each carrying a £2.75-million sticker (or about $3.5 million at current exchange rates), before taxes. It'll make another for its own collection, one for EON, and a final example to be auctioned off for charity. Deliveries will begin in 2020. And the kicker? They won't be street legal, leaving the continuation DB5 a very, very expensive paperweight indeed.