Aston Martin's Mid-Engined Ferrari 488 Fighter Will Arrive In 2021


Time to move on front an entirely front-engined lineup.

Aston Martin has never been in better shape ever since current CEO Andy Palmer took the reins and began a major overall. With new models such as the DB11 and Vantage now completed, attention is being turned towards future product, specifically the mid-engined Ferrari 488 fighter. Speaking to Motorsport regarding Aston Martin’s F1 engine program, Palmer has provided a date when that supercar will arrive.

“With all of this stuff in F1, you have to factor in intangibles because you’re talking about a marketing return, not necessarily a physical return,” Palmer said.“Marketing return hopefully turns into sold cars, which is why we’re doing this. This is to seed the soil for when we bring a mid-engined car to compete with the Ferrari 488, which is what the Valkyrie was about,” he added. Yep, Aston Martin also sees a future for itself in mid-engined supercars instead of an entirely front-engined lineup. “It’s about creating credibility ready for when we go mainstream face-to-face with Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren on the road,” Palmer continued.

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“The timing of the 2021 regulations work really well, because it is about the time we’ll be bringing that car out.” For now, Aston Martin hasn’t revealed this mid-engined supercar’s name, but all in good time. While work progresses in that program, Aston Martin is also working on a Tesla Roadster and Rimac Concept_One successor EV fighter, but that likely won’t come until sometime after the mid-engined supercar. Good times ahead.