Aston Martin's Newest Model Measures 37 Feet And Will Never See Dry Land

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Aston Martins on land and sea. Where's the plane?!

Adding a boat to the lineup is something an automaker would never dream of doing. However, cars have been inspiring the design of boats for a long time. Whether it's their engines or good looks, cars are natural sources of inspiration when it comes to nautical transportation. The latest automaker-boatmaker collaboration comes in the form of Aston Martin working with Quintessence Yachts and Mulder Design. The AM37 and AM37 S both measure 37 feet and look simply stunning.

The AM37 has a max speed of 50 mph and the AM37 S tops out at 59 mph. These boats won't beat the DB9 in a drag race but that's really fast for a watercraft that's almost 40 feet in length. In addition to the good looks and speed the AM37 packs tech galore, including the ability to start the a/c unit, fridge and espresso machine remotely. There's also voice control for the nav and entertainment systems. The roof can even be covered with sleek carbon panels if you want to hide from the sun. The AM37 will make its grand debut this September so we'll have live shots then.

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