Aston Martin's Shocking AWD SUV/GT EV Concept

Is an Aston electric crossover what the world really needs?

Hereis something that nobody was expecting to see: anall-wheel drive, all-electric GT/SUV/Crossover concept from where you'dleast expect it, Aston Martin. Dubbed the DBX, the concept blends a worldof design styles and categories to create this car that is a bit ofeverything. As tall as a crossover, it's shaped like a luxury GT coupe and offers seating for four adults. Though its design is inspired bycurrent firm offerings, it looks nothing like anything the company has evermade before. But is that a good thing?

As concepts go, little is known about this car, but the company saysthat the DBX will be fully electric, and family and environmentally "friendly". Not much is known about the car's electric powertrain, but it is expected tofill the place of Aston's mammoth V12 engines. Love it or hate it, the DBXshould be pointing both at the company's future design language and itsintention of entering unchartered SUV territory, an important category in someif its fastest growing markets.

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