Aston Martin’s SUV Could Adopt The DB11’s 500-HP V8


A hybrid version could also pack 700 horsepower.

It’s no secret that Aston Martin will make its first foray into the SUV segment in 2021 to rival the Lamborghini Urus and Ferrari’s upcoming SUV, but there have been conflicting reports about the SUV’s potential powertrains. Initially, it was believed the production version, rumored to be called the Varekai, will get an all-electric powertrain like the DBX Concept unveiled back in 2015.

These plans were reportedly put on hold after Aston Martin announced its new Lagonda sub-brand will launch an ultra-luxurious SUV to rival the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. After all, launching two similar electric SUVs at the same time would have likely caused confusion. However, a new report by Autocar suggests an all-electric DBX could still be on the cards after the Lagonda SUV debuts in 2021.

Before that, the DBX will be offered with a range of gasoline and hybrid powertrains. Just a few days ago we reported it could adopt an AMG-sourced inline-six engine based on comments from Aston Martin’s CEO Andy Palmer. While Autocar’s report confirms that the DBX’s conventional engines will come from the company’s technical partnership with Daimler, it’s now understood the DBX will use the same AMG-sourced twin-turbo V8 that powers the DB11 and Vantage. In the DB11, this unit produces 503 hp and 498 lb-ft of torque.

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A more powerful hybrid version will also be available, which according to Autocar is likely to be the “73 AMG”-spec system that will add around 200 hp of electrical boost, bringing the total output to 700 hp. It isn’t yet known if the DBX will also get Aston Martin’s V12, but this would only produce around the same power as the hybridized V8. V12 versions of the DB11 and DBS Superleggera will also be electrified to help meet tougher emissions regulations.

In terms of the design, we know Aston Martin's SUV will have similar styling to the DB concept, albeit with some design changes since it will be a four-door model. It will also be built on a completely new platform.