Aston Martin's Vulcan Has An Ingenious Way Around Pesky Oil Changes

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Hopefully this will trickle down to everyday cars.

The Aston Martin Vulcan may be an incredible supercar that is engineered to decimate everything in its path, so it makes sense that everything associated with the vehicle is pricey. With its starting price tag of $2.3 million, we didn't expect services for the Vulcan to be easy or cheap. But it looks like Aston has found a way to make messy oil changes a thing of the past. The coolest and one of the most high-tech things on the Vulcan is its lubrication system, which can be changed in ten seconds.

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That's right, enthusiasts don't need to worry about getting under wobbly jack stands anymore or getting their hands dirty because this technology will be passed down to pedestrian cars in a few years. The Vulcan has a Castrol Nexcel system that can be changed in a claimed ten seconds with zero clean-up. Castrol's Nexcel is a box that houses both oil and filter elements and acts as the reservoir for the Vulcan's dry-sump lubrication system. Sounds fancy, right? According to Castrol, the box can withstand up to 1.8-Gs and can handle flow rates of over 150 gallons a minute. The other upside to all of this is that changing the supercar's oil is mess-free and requires only a few seconds of time.

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Vulcan owners only need to lift the supercar's hood to lift the Nexcel unit out of the car and place a new one in. This would drastically cut maintenance times for vehicles and allow Vulcan owners to store the supercar in one place for lengthy periods between track days. Don't think that the box will only be used on supercars, however, as Castrol plans to put the technology into a production car within five years.

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