Aston Martin Sends a Pair of Cygnets To The Bridgestone Eco-Rally

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Aston Martin sent a pair of Cygnets to The Bridgestone Eco-Rally, taking place this weekend in London.

In a bid to show everyone their green side, Aston Martin has sent a Flouro Orange and a Seychelles Blue Cygnet to represent them at the 5th Annual Bridgestone Eco-Rally event, which is currently taking place (July 30-31). The Cygnets are being driven by David King and Darren Turner of Aston Martin Racing. They're making the journey from Exeter College, to Oxford, then to London. The Seychelles Blue Cygnet was also driven by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at their wedding last April.

The pair of Cygnet city cars marks the first time the luxury British automaker takes part in the race. The Cygnet is derived from the Toyota iQ and beneath the hood, the mini car generates power from a 1.3-liter straight-4 engine that delivers an output of 98 horses and a 56.5 mpg rating, making the Cygnet a very fuel efficient car. The Aston Martin Cygnet currently fetches a price tag of around £30,000 and is only available in the UK and Europe. No word yet whether the British automaker plans on releasing the Cygnet to the U.S. market.

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