Aston Martin Shows Off the Lagonda in a Series of Hot New Pics

Looks scorching under the Oman sun.

Afteroffering you the first look at Aston Martin's new Lagonda sedan the other day, thelimited-run revival series for the legendary nameplate has now been exposed in a fullphoto set, coming to you directly from Oman. The car, which will be offered onlyto select customers of the luxury automaker in the Middle East, takes manystyling cues from the 1976 Lagonda, while enjoying carbon-fiber body panels andthe Vantage S's V12 engine. Based on this development prototype, it's gonna be quite the beauty.

The Lagonda is currently undergoing warm weather testing in Oman in temperaturesranging from 86 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The first units are expected toarrive fresh out of the oven and into the scorching Middle East in 2015.

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