Aston Martin Steals McLaren's Chief Test Driver To Create Ultimate Hypercar

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McLaren's former chief test driver has been appointed by Aston Martin to help develop its radical Valkyrie hypercar.

Aston Martin is enlisting the help of several companies to help develop the Valkyrie into the ultimate hypercar. Red Bull Racing will supply F1 technology to make the Valkyrie a race car for the road. Cosworth is building its 6.5-liter V12 engine, while Rimac is developing its lightweight hybrid battery system. Alcon and Surface Transforms will be supplying lightweight high-performance brake calipers and carbon discs to give the 1130-hp hypercarcar colossal stopping power.

And now the company has gained a potentially vital asset, as McLaren’s former chief test driver Chris Goodwin has now joined Aston Martin to help develop the Valkyrie. Goodwin has worked for McLaren for 21 years as the company’s chief test driver. During his time, he helped develop the P1 hybrid and has also been testing the BP23 and Senna. He also has racing experience including at Le Mans. Appointed as Aston Martin’s Expert High Performance Test Driver, Goodwin’s expertise will no doubt help the British automaker stay ahead of the competition. As well as the Valkyrie, Goodwin will also help develop Aston Martin’s first SUV, the DBX crossover, and RapidE electric car.

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He joins Aston's new chief engineer for vehicle dynamics Simone Rizzuto, who was previously responsible for vehicle performance testing and integration at Maserati and Alfa Romeo. “I’m thrilled to have people of Chris and Simone’s calibre join Aston Martin’s already stellar engineering and dynamics team,” said Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer. “Their decision is a great endorsement of our future plans, while the skills and experience they bring is second to none. As we enter the next crucial phase in the development of our growing product and powertrain portfolios, they will make an invaluable contribution in shaping an exceptional new family of Aston Martin models."