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Aston Martin Teams With colette to Create Cygnet

Aston Martin has joined forces with French fashion house colette to design the Aston Martin Cygnet & colette limited edition. It will feature Lightning Silver paint along with race-inspired colette blue stripe details on the front bumper, bonnet, roof, and mirror caps. There are also diamond alloy wheels to top it off. The chocolate-brown themed interior draws its inspiration from Oscar, who is the dog mascot of colette.

The interior is fitted in quilted leather stainless-steel doors and seat inserts, quilted colette blue leather cushions for the rear seats, and quilted Alcantara sun visors with the Cygnet and colette logo on the navigation. Parisian based colette first opened its doors back in March of 1997. They offer high-end luxury items that are not usually seen anywhere else. Production of the Cygnet & colette will naturally be limited in production. Only 14 examples will be available with a price tag of €48,995 or $69,447. It can be ordered directly through the colette location in Paris for delivery by the end of the year.

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