Aston Martin Teases Vulcan Again, Only This Time With Fire

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This sucker shoots flames from its tail pipes.

Earlier this month, Aston Martin announced that it'll reveal something very special at Geneva. "The most extreme Aston Martin in (its) 102-year history," to be more precise. Consider us suckers for high-performance as this immediately caught our interest and likely yours as well. And now the UK sports car builder has released another teaser of its upcoming track-only Vulcan supercar. The video clip is quite short, but it does feature one thing in particular we love: fire.

More specifically, flames shooting out of the tail pipes. No powertrain details are available just yet, but word has it that the Vulcan will come powered by the One-77's 7.3-liter V12, with up to 1,000 hp going to the rear wheels. We'll have all of answers in just over a weeks' time at Geneva.

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