Aston Martin Teasing V12 Vantage S?

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The end could be near for the V12 Vantage but Aston Martin may be prepping an even more powerful farewell version.

Reports earlier this month indicated that Aston Martin may soon pull the plug on its V12 Vantage. It'd be a damn shame if true but before any official decision is announced, it seems that Aston Martin may be getting ready to give the V12 Vantage a proper send-off. The UK-based carmaker just released this brief teaser trailer that appears to show the silhouette of the Vantage along with brief images of carbon fiber trim. If the V12 Vantage's time is indeed limited, then building an all-powerful farewell edition makes complete sense.

Then again, this could be nothing more than some new trim package with no engine mods. For the record, word also has it that the entire Vantage lineup will shortly be replaced, considering the original V8 version debuted in 2005. Until we hear something official, here's hoping for the ultimate V12 Vantage.

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