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Aston Martin Throws A Japanese Ice Show Starring The DB11 Volante

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Don't let a little ice and snow ruin a good drive.

Aston Martin certainly has reason to celebrate these days. The launch of the DB11 is in its final stages and this week the all-new Vantage will have its official debut. The redesigned Vanquish is next. Did we forget to say there's a crossover in the making, too? But Aston Martin still very much prides itself on customer service, given the high price needed to enter this exclusive club. One of those services is the On Ice program. It's not just a clever name.

Following success in New Zealand, Europe, and the US, Aston Martin has just announced the 2018 dates for On Ice, which will get underway in Japan. Turns out Japan is yet another important market for the UK luxury and sports car company, so due attention is required. For Japanese customers, Aston Martin's On Ice Hokkaido package allows customers to test their driving skills on sub-zero snow and ice surfaces. Professional driving instructors are also on hand, enabling customers to push things more to the limit. They will be able to test out the Vanquish S as well as the new DB11 Volante.

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So if you're a Japanese market customer, mark February 8-12, 2018 on your calendar. Guests will be hosted in luxury hotel in the east of Hokkaido. There's even private open-air baths and, because why not, a choice between traditional Japanese or Western style beds.