Aston Martin Trademarks Mysterious New Logo Design


Is the iconic Aston Martin badge about to change?

The Aston Martin logo is one of the most prestigious and iconic badges in the business. It's hard to imagine the British manufacturer ever changing its identity, but a recent trademark filing discovered by Auto Guide reveals an intriguing new logo design. The trademark was first filed last July for use with Aston Martin merchandise, including furniture and advertising. However, the same logo has since been filed last week to be used for leather, clothing, mobile phones, automobile chassis and the "design of land vehicles."

This possibly hints that the new logo could be stamped onto parts of vehicles such as the front grille, wheels or steering wheel. On first glance, the logo doesn't look very inspiring. Auto Guide took the liberty of filling in some of the lines, revealing the outline of the letters "A" and "M" which bears a striking resemblance to the company's original logo used between 1921 and 1927, before adopting the famous wings logo up until the present day. A brand refresh would make sense, since the manufacturer is embarking on a new era under the leadership of new CEO Andy Palmer, with plans to release seven new models in the next seven years including the ambitious AM-RB 001 F1-style hybrid hypercar.

Whether this becomes the new brand logo on future Astons remains to be seen, but there's a possibility it could alternatively be used to distinguish a new line of limited edition models harkening back to some of the manufacturer's early creations - but that's just pure speculation. Frankly, Aston Martin's logo is timeless, so we're not very comfortable about the prospect of it being replaced unless it's for merchandise and doesn't find its way onto any of its supercars. What do you think of this mysterious Aston Martin logo?

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