Aston Martin Unveils 1000-HP Electric RapidE Concept In London

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Watch out Tesla.

Earlier today, Aston Martin unveiled its new electric RapidE S sports sedan concept during a special summit at the Lancaster House in London. The new electric vehicle concept was co-developed with Williams Advanced Engineering and will potentially be available in two different versions; a 550-hp rear-wheel-drive model with a range of about 200 miles and a high-performance shorter range model with a massive 1000 hp. The high performance RapidE is slated to have four separate electric engines powering each of the car's wheels.

At the event, Aston Martin announced its partnership with Chinese investment group, ChinaEquity, who are keenly interested in developing a production RapidE for the Chinese market place. If all goes according to plan, the new electric car will be manufactured at Aston Martin's global headquarters and make its official market debut in two years.

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