Aston Martin Unveils Latest Track Toy At Le Mans

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Not as quick as the Vulcan, but probably way more fun.

Aston Martin's been dipping its fingers in quite a few motorsports-oriented enterprises: Its long-running campaign in the World Endurance Championship, its activities in the Tudor United SportsCar Championship and its recent sponsorship of the Red Bull Racing F1 team that's partly resulted in a partnership to develop a hypercar as quick as a contemporary prototype racer. So, with the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance event taking place this weekend, Aston Martin's appropriately announced another new competition car to add to its stable.

Before you get excited, however, it's worth pointing out that this isn't perhaps what was expected. We certainly weren't anticipating it to be a tail-happy go kart when the press release turned up!

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Still, at least it shows that, even in the build-up to one of the most demanding, serious and important motorsports events on the calendar, a works racing team can let its hair down for a moment and have a bit of light-hearted amusement before the mad rush to be ready for the Le Mans formation lap. Plus, those karts that were co-developed with Aston Martin Racing partner Razor look like a right hoot to hurl about. We can only imagine how much chaos would ensue if we were let loose in one of them in the confines of the CarBuzz offices.

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