Aston Martin Upgrades DB9 for 2013

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With the new Vanquish making the old DB9 look a little old, Aston Martin releases a revised version with upgraded engine, styling and cabin.

The Aston Martin DB9 is one of the sleekest luxury GTs on the market, but having been on said market since 2004, it's long since started showing its age. Especially with the arrival of the new Vanquish. Aston isn't ready just yet to replace the DB9 altogether, but it has rolled out a facelifted model with a series of enhancements to keep it fresh until its successor arrives. The upgrades include a more powerful engine, revised styling and an upgraded interior.

For the 2013 DB9, Aston has revised its long-serving 6.0-liter V12 with new cylinder heads, intake manifold, throttle bodies and fuel pump. The result is an increase in output from 470 horsepower to 510 and from 443 lb-ft of torque to 457. Outside the engine bay, the new DB9 gets a more angular grille inspired by the One-77, zinc air vents on the hood, bigger trunklid spoiler and more aggressive lines in between, with LED turning indicators integrated into the side vents. The interior has also been enchanced with new leather, trim and glass switchgear. The new DB9 is being launched at the Paris Motor Show in both coupe and Volante convertible, starting at $185,400.

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