Aston Martin Valhalla Coming With 1,012 HP, BMW Ready To Produce Hydrogen X5, Tesla Fighting Louisiana Law: Cold Start

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Your morning roundup also takes a closer look at how Volkswagen will return to the top and the price of the new Mercedes EQS SUV.

Happy Labor Day, and welcome to Cold Start. Since Friday's roundup, we've seen a new teaser of the Maserati GranTurismo Folgore and learned the low price of the 2023 Nissan Kicks. We've also reported on the fact that Tesla could be forced to rename its Full Self-Driving semi-autonomous driving aid, a new concept from Skoda, and a recall for GM's Cruise robotaxis.

But this morning, our focus lies with the Aston Martin Valhalla as it faces yet another delay but gains a big boost in performance. We also take a look at the pricing of the new Mercedes EQS SUV, Tesla's war with Louisiana law, how Volkswagen's new CEO will spearhead software development, and BMW's progression as it aims to bring hydrogen power to the mass market.


Aston Martin Valhalla Will Be A 1,012-HP Latecomer

Aston Martin has been in financial trouble more times than we can count, and it's not exactly in rude health in 2022. Unfortunately, things could get worse still with the news that development on the Valhalla supercar is still far from complete. According to the project's development lead, Carlo Della Casa, numerous changes are coming to the supercar, including a total output of 1,012 horsepower. There will also be more downforce, less weight, and a redesigned cabin. That's great news for eager reservation holders, but these changes also mean that the supercar will only be ready in 2024. Let's hope this is the last delay, or Aston Martin could be thrust into more financial turmoil.

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BMW Starts Production Of Hydrogen Powertrains

As the industry begins its radical acceleration towards full-scale electrification, it would appear that the world has decided on BEVs as the only alternative means of powering a car. But synthetic fuels are a potential option, and so is hydrogen. BMW is exploring the latter and will soon produce the iX5 Hydrogen. As its name suggests, this is an electric X5 SUV that runs on a hydrogen fuel cell, two hydrogen tanks, and an electric motor. BMW has been working on this tech for years and is now about to begin production of hydrogen fuel cells at its in-house competence center for hydrogen in Munich. Toyota will supply the individual cells, continuing a long-standing collaboration on hydrogen tech.

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This Is What The Mercedes EQS SUV Will Cost In The US

The Mercedes EQS SUV is set to join its electric siblings in America soon, with production taking place at the automaker's Tuscaloosa plant. Ahead of these vehicles arriving at your local dealer, Mercedes-Benz USA has announced pricing for the luxurious EV. The Premium trim is the cheapest: the 450+ costs $104,400, with the 450 4Matic setting you back $107,400. The 580 variant costs $125,950. Upgrade to Exclusive spec, and you'll pay a premium of $4,250 over Premium models. Pinnacle models top the range and cost $2,000 more than Exclusive variants. Those prices mean it won't qualify for tax credits, but if you can afford six figures for a new EV, you probably don't need the discount.

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Tesla Goes To War With Louisiana Over Direct Sales Law

Tesla doesn't follow the typical dealer model and prefers to sell its vehicles to consumers with no middleman involved, but that is now causing problems for the automaker in certain states. These states prohibit an automaker from direct sales, and as part of its efforts to change the law, Tesla is now in a legal battle with Louisiana. While Tesla can erect a showroom in the state, it cannot sell a vehicle from the premises. The EV manufacturer feels that this is "protectionist, anti-competitive, and inefficient." Tesla has made progress in this battle elsewhere in the country, so it's likely that the same could soon happen here, opening the door for both Tesla and its many competitors to sell directly to the buyer.

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Volkswagen's New CEO Has A Plan To Fix Software Bugs

As of this month, Herbert Diess is no longer CEO of Volkswagen. In his stead stands Oliver Blume, retaining his position as boss of Porsche while taking on the new responsibilities at VW. He has a long road ahead of him, and the biggest challenges stem from his predecessor's mismanagement of Cariad, VW's in-house software development company. Cariad was intended to take the fight to Tesla, but instead, it has caused headaches across the Volkswagen Group, delaying the Porsche Macan EV, for example, by over a year. To rectify this huge headache, Blume will likely seek outside help from outside software specialists. Diess wanted Cariad to be fully self-supporting, but the result has been buggy infotainment systems and other software issues. If Blume decides to partner with an expert like Rimac or Google, the brand will be well positioned to bring its products back up to the standards we expect.

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